Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Doctors are Great.

Not only did I get a quick appointment with my family doctor today but she was so sympathetic and helpful. I really, really think that everyone would have a much easier time with the band if surgeons installed the thing and family doctors monitored and did adjustments.

So my doctor suggested that It was perfectly normal feeling this way. That although the band helped me achieve this great weightloss and that I might not have had mood issues up until now it is only logical that some of the coping mechanisms I used food for before the band would rear their ugly heads again eventually. She felt that part of my mood issues were peri-menopause related. She gave me a good recommendation for a pshychologist (and commiserated on the difficulty to get decent help in that area in the Portland area).

She also gave me a prescription for a small dose of Prozac stating that if I had any trouble with side effects I should give her a call and she would work out another medication or an add on one. She also warned me not to discount going to the counselor when the Prozac kicked in because although I might feel loads better I needed to take care of the 'stuff'. Finally she said she thinks an itchy rash I have had on my back for the last several months is related to all of the stress stuff and she thinks that it will get better when my head gets better.

Just doing something about all of this crud has made me feel much better.



Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Glad things are looking up! Hang in there!

Jen said...

Here's to you feeling better VERY soon.
I mentioned you in my post today.

Sandy Lee said...

I love my family doctor. I will warm you that Prozac can cause some to gain weight. But it is a life saver. I was on Wellbutrin which doesn't help 100% but the weight gain was minimal.

Hope you get back to the old Tina, fully of life and energy. Menopause sucks (I went through it over the last 10 years). The hardest part for me was the psychological problems. So get the help you need. {{{HUGS}}}

Sandy Lee said...

Sorry that was "warn" you.

Lynda said...

I think sometimes we all get so used to hopping from one specialist to another that we forget what a great resource a good PCP can be! I am so glad that your doctor is responsive and able to help you.

Jacquie said...

I hope you start getting some relief from the meds!

Annie said...

Sounds like you got some sound advice, and that you are on the road to feeling better! Hang in there, it must be tough dealing with everything, but you have the right tools at your fingertips. Good luck!!

Amanda Kiska said...

I'm just getting caught up. OMG! See what happens when I go away?

I'm so glad you are getting things going in the right direction. It is the stress of moving, I'm sure of it. You already have a lot of pressure with your job and family, but when you add moving to the mix, it is no wonder you're feeling so horrible. I'm glad you're seeing the doctors and getting some meds. And school gets out in a few weeks. Are you teaching this summer? I hope you get some time off.