Friday, May 20, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again predicted I can already feel the effects of the meds...I am not feeling happy clappy, skippidy but definitely not the sad/angry combo I was battling over the last few weeks.

In fact today, inspired by Jen's butt callous post and in tribute to her road rash picture I got on my bike and road to work. Apparently it was ride to work day (I didn't know about this until I was told by a friend later in the afternoon). The ride in to work went well. The roads around our new house are AWESOME!! flat and low traffic levels. There are a few places with no bike space on the side of the road but in these places there are wide and unused sidewalks. I rode my bike the mile or two to the office of a colleague for a meeting.

I had one little mishap when I hit a particularly big bump on one of the trails I took. Apparently my tire ended up with a pinch puncture (sounds kind of cute eh?). By the time I finished the ride my tire was flat as a pancake. I pulled out my trusty emergency flit fixer CO2 cannister but it didn't work (duh..a hole meant the air leaked right out again). I do carry an inner-tube but do not know how to actually do anything with it :).

My colleague gave me a lift home and I took my tire in and paid a guy to both diagnose my problem and give me a new tube. He suggested I take a tube changing class...sigh...i guess I am going to have to comply finally.

I purchased plane tickets to San Francisco for next weekend. I have a conference from Thurs-Sunday. I have rented a car as well. I do not know of any fellow boobs or banders that read this in that part of the world but if you do and want to meet for coffee or something let me know.

OH and back to Jen...she is doing blog design these days and has a cool give away int he works..she did after all design my header! :) Go check it out and nominate someone!

ending this with the xxx and ooo's plus a :)...I'm feelin it.


Amanda said...

so glad you are feeling better!

I want to try and start riding myself. I have never loved bike riding before but then again I haven't tried it in years! Perhaps now is the time!

Lyla said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better-- getting back on your bike is a sure sign that's the case (and not giving up when you got a flat!)