Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eek..we have soooo much stuff!!

We are still moving. It is like a bottomless purse from Harry Potter--The more I take out of the cupboards the more stuff there is waiting to be taken. We finished all of the furniture tonight but I have to start cleaning tomorrow and strip my yard of my yard art and pots (I have way too much of it). I will take and send pics of the new place in all its boxy glory when I get a chance to breathe.

The eating thing has been crazy-I go from too tight to loose and back again. We have been subsisting on fast food and Starbucks. This morning I found my milk steamer and managed to make my own cup of coffee to enjoy on my new patio. I couldnt find the mint stuff though so had to have a plain mocha (I still enjoyed it in the sun on my patio though!!)

We might go offline for a while as we are having trouble getting internet to the new place. David has a wireless device from work that we have to share!! Needless to say he is chomping at the bit for me to get off the net so he can have it!

ciao for now! xxxooo


Justine said...

I feel your pain! We moved into our rental house just over a week ago and have one entire room full of boxes that are still packed because we dimply do not need whatever is in them. We unpacked the essentials - clothes, toiletries, books, crockery, cutlery, pots & pans - and then left everything else wrapped/boxed. It's amazing how much unnecessary stuff/clutter/crap we have!
Good luck with the packing and moving.

Jacquie said...

So exciting! I cant wait to see your pics!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Moving sucks! Good luck!