Monday, May 23, 2011

Trading Roller Coaster Weightloss for Attitude

The rail car was moving in a upward direction today. The lethargy is gone. The scurvy even seemed a tad far-fetched at the time I was laying on the couch moaning of my fatigue yesterday :).

I had to attend a meeting today for work so my 'day off' didn't happen. Tomorrow is a long day but I am hoping to take a pass on the Wednesday work day to make up for losing Monday.

After arriving home somewhat early I got to sit down for a bit and then went with Nichole to pick up her farm share and hear about her new boyfriend.

Then home again where I watched a bit of TV and did some sewing, Grace needs a costume for the grade 4 Oregon Trail unit she is working on at home. I don't feel up to unburying my sewing machine so I am doing a bit of hand sewing to remake an old calico nightgown of mine into a pioneer skirt, put an apron together out of some muslin and and stitch up a bonnet. I am still working on the skirt-so the others will probably have to be fit in on Wednesday.

I am off to San Francisco on Thursday to attend a conference for a few days. Hopefully my mood enhancement will stay up and the trip will go smoothly.


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