Sunday, May 22, 2011

Really Tired and Achy Today

I wanted to spend all day on the couch. I forced myself to get up and walk to our nearby farmers market. I had coffee :). We drove to get David some new jeans. We drove to Ikea and bought a TV stand. As requested by one of my daughters I made enchiladas for dinner. Cinda came over and helped and then like the good budding nurse she is..she looked up possible vitamin deficiencies I might be suffering from.

Today I was very achy and tired...lethargic even. I upped my prozac amount as suggested but I am not feeling anything different yet. Funnily enough Cinda's prognosis was scurvy :) A lack of vitamin C.

I do drink quite a bit of orange juice but I have also been craving it over the last few days. it makes me go hmmm at any rate. When I saw the doctor I did not ask for a blood test but now I am thinking I should have. Either that or start taking my vitamins better.

I slept in today but am off for an early night as well..




Alison said...

Hope that you're feeling better in the morning.

Amanda Kiska said...

Which market do you go to? My fella is the market manager for Sweetbriar Farms and works several farmer's markets in the PDX area.

I hope you're feeling better and I hope you don't have scurvy. I had no idea that was still around. Kind of like Dropsy or rickets...