Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mixed Bag Day


We have now officially reentered the digital age. The lovely guys from the internet company came and installed our internet service today finally. With the internet I gained some television. We now have Netflix and Hulu but no live TV. Apparently that will come soon??

Consulate Incompetence:

While David was waiting around for the internet guys to arrive I drove about 40 miles away to pick up some mail from UPS that they had tried to deliver to our old house. So here is the weird was from the UK consulate. They were supposed to be sending David's passport. First of all annoying and lacking sense they sent it with a private company instead of the postal service. Of course we notified the postal service of our move but had no idea that we should figure out a way to notify the UK consulate (one would think the government agency would actually use another for postal services). The time from initial application to this mail took enough time that we got a sales offer and actually closed on the house in the mean time.

Now for the somewhat freaky bit...the letter did not contain his passport but a denied one. Somehow there was a lot of missing bits to his application. With the amount of screw ups I have caught David in during the last few weeks and the sheer mistrust of immigration related institutions to get things figured out puts into question just who is at fault. The consulate said our credit card did not work (i checked the numbers it is a working credit card). They said they did not get a signature from a non-relative. He got the signature from our friend and I saw it when acquired but did not see it go into the envelope. Who knows...I am now a little worried that he will get a passport in time. I am not sure if we will need to travel to some location to hand walk it through, send a bucket load of money to pay for an expedited one or if he can even get into the UK with an expired passport and spend a period of our vacation standing around some office in the UK getting his passport sorted.

My mood:

My attitude took a bit of a dip today. I had my appointment with a recommended psychologist. I do not think it is a good fit. She made some good points but she is very young and did not appear to have any experience with the issues involved in having a family. I will not say that it was a complete wash but she was a bit heavy on the advice and a bit weak on the listening. She really focused on telling me I needed to take care of me. I will agree I need to be more mindful of my own needs but I guess I was hoping for some hints on how to develop barriers (remember that post quite a while ago when I decided I needed to improve mine) without resorting to anger. I was also hoping to get some help in dealing with the frustration and irritability I have been battling of late. Inexplicably she wrote me another prescription for prozac (which I already have??)...

I came home and we went out for a bit of shop and then came home and I took a nap. I woke up around 7:30 pm and ate a bit of dinner, forced myself to take a walk, and came home to clean house and do a bit of paper-sorting.

I am hoping for a bit more sunshine even though there is a forecast of rain tomorrow.



Alison said...

Passport problems are a pain, hope that he manages to sort something out in time for your trip. It's just another thing you don't need to be worrying about.

Kiwigirl said...

Good luck with the passport! I hope you find a therapist you can work well with.