Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Debbie Downer Continues

I spent this morning making appointments. The lapband guy-closest appointment for the great OZ-more than one month. The soonest appointment for his nurse practitioner-Similar but two days sooner.

I called the psychologist affiliated with the department where I had my surgery. They will not take a new patient unless they have a recommend from my surgeon...who cannot be seen for more than a ##!@%$@ month. I had a little meltdown with the receptionist who must be used to people melting down on the phone because she offered to send a message to the doctor and see if he would allow me to make an appointment (after of course they checked my medical insurance).

I then called my general practitioner who can see me tomorrow!!! What is wrong with our medical system when there is such a discrepancy? Tomorrow I will give her my woe is me story and ask her for a recommendation. Perhaps she knows someone better than the over-worked and un-approachable people at my surgeons office.

We won't even talk about fills or no fills (I am sure my head needs sorting before I go back to work on weight-loss).

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Lynda said...

I think your PCP will most likely be able to help. When I told mine about the problems I was having with my surgeon's office, she called and got me an appointment with my new doctor within 48 hours!

Hope things get better for you soon.