Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nothing Like A Steaming Pile of Horse Poop to Brighten Ones Day

I feel a bit better today.

1.David and I talked things out yesterday and made nice.
2.The rash is still there but I slathered it with some cream (it still itches).
3.I was not quite as achy this morning.
4. Yesterday David and I collaborated and made two raised bed (no arguments or anything!!)
5. This morning we walked over to our local farmers market and bought two heirloom tomato plants and some herbs. Later we got dirt and I planted them...Nice renewal thing.
6. Grace had horseback riding lessons and while she rode I mucked stalls (for some reason this makes me feel happy?)

Yes that is horse poop in the wheel barrow

The horse is a curious sort..she kept looking over at what I was doing.

She came out for a photo Callie. She is a a Morgan (apparently that is a breed type). She used to be a snooty feisty horse but since she got a doorway stall she has turned into a gentle little thing.

Tonight David and I will sit around and watch some TV or unpack some more boxes :)



Kiwigirl said...

Hi there, I'm a new follower. The photos of your weightloss are amazing, and very inspirational. I'm looking forward to reading your blog from the beginning.

Lyla said...

The horse just wants to know why the heck you want her poop. Weird humans.


Ronnie said...

She's beautiful! And she's not the only one! :) You look great.