Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ticker Talk

I had to update my ticker yesterday. I quite liked the reminder that I made it down to 162. According to my ticker that was a very long time ago :) My ticker shut down yesterday stating that i had not updated it in more than 80 days. Well as I was prompted I had to be honest and log my current weight. It is up 7 pounds from goal and 9 from my all time low.

This is the first time I have ever allowed myself to log bad news on my ticker. I have always lost and then bounced up for a while in weight. I never wrote these bounces down though. I wrote down my low weight and then just waited for the next one to come along. I am still working out how to 'do' goal. or in this situation maybe not 'do' it. Technically I am 7 pounds from goal again and need to get my butt back in the saddle eh?

We are in chaos at home right now. I am surrounded by mess, boxes and all of the things children decide must be played with when you are trying to pack everything up. All of this packing has made it difficult to eat or not eat the things I usually do (not that this is necessarily a bad thing!!). This morning I have just eaten a bowl of raisin bran! I have not been able to eat cereal with milk in ages. I have not been able to eat a cup of the stuff in even longer. Right now..I am making the call.

Do you think this getting in for a fill stuff is what makes the band problematic sometimes?



Robin said...

Yes, the fill thing makes it really hard for me (but mostly because my doc is 400 miles away). I'm not really sure if I'd go with the band if I had it to do over. The sleeve looks mighty appealing when I'm faced with a 6:30 a.m. flight tomorrow and a $500 travel bill (flight, hotel, missed work) for the fill. I do however have the chance to get some good shopping in!

Amanda Kiska said...

Moving is just the worst! I think you are doing a great job of holding it together. I'm not sure a fill in the middle of all that chaos is a good idea though.

I don;t update my ticker when I gain. You are brave!

Dinnerland said...

I hear you on dealing with the ticker-- though I have updated alot through the ups and down...
good luck with the chaos.

Robin said...

As for the ticker, I don't update it through the 3 pound swings that I'm suffering with (I'm right with you Vanessa) but I'd have to update if it was more and that would hurt me so much!

Something About Kellie said...

I made a promise to myself that I would update my ticker every Sunday with my official weekly weigh in result. I have noticed that it does tend to keep me more accountable!

Good luck with the moving- I seriously hate moving :)

Nola said...

I have moving down to a fine art....but we do it often and I have no kids!! I wish you luck on that front:) No matter what your ticker says, you are still one of my "original motivation" bloggers and I admire you so much!! Maybe leave the fill until you are more settled?

Sheila said...

I've read your blog but never commented before! I just had to say that I think everyone updates their ticker just like you! We post the new low and then if it bounces up a lb or 2 we wait until we catch BTW, I'm a sleever ( who was going to do the band until my hubby begged me to research the sleeve. Best of luck to you on the move, I hate moving...hate it. ;-)

Lonicera said...

I imagine the moving is very stressful for you - hope it's gone OK and that you're now installed.
Are you still travelling to the UK? Could you give me a few dates if you are?
Good luck!