Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun and Adventures Under the House...AKA Condom Woman

I finally quit procrastinating when my friend/real estate agent came over to go down under with me. We both suited up in our bunny suits after a stiff dose of coffee and a cigarette (for me it was just second hand smoke but as the child of a smoking family I do love the occasional second hand smoking event)...but I digress. It was sheer hell under the house. Being the lemonade maker that I am NOT!! I cannot help but feel a huge sense of accomplishment that I actually went under the house and crawled around. at 304 pounds I would have forced David to go down there and sat on the couch or told him what to do from the opening.

Instead..I went down but made David come down later to take care of a huge mass of messed up wires that I had no expertise to pull, cut or take care of. I on the other hand crawled around nailing wires up to hold bit old bats of insulation, nailed and screwed beams so they were more secure and kicked a few concrete piers so that they were centered under support beams (My friend helped a huge amount!). We ended up filling a big garbage bag with clipped cable and phone wires David assured me that none of these now clipped and dumped wires were doing anything)a bunch of nasty insulation bats, a length of plumbing and a vent pipe.

We crawled around in there from 3 until 7 (with one break after a panic attack when a mass of insulation and sawdust rained down on my head and my head lamp fell off). The job is almost done. Tomorrow we will go down again to lay plastic and add some insulation to a few easy places.

Just when you think you are looking pretty damn good after weight loss I will post for your viewing pleasure how bad anyone can look in a bunny suit. I think I look like a condom actually :)

One final note..after my under the house adventure I went off to play bunco. When I got home and was getting out of my friends car we both saw a frog go hopping across the street in the flash of her headlights...I went and caught it and brought it into the house to show Grace..He was a cute little guy so David snapped a picture.


Lonicera said...

Sorry haven't been commenting for a bit - my computer went down for a few days. But I'm enjoying catching up.

Yes, but what a SLIM condom!!! And how incredibly brave to be doing all that, and only one panic attack... There's absolutely NO WAY I would do that under the house thing... Well done you.


Something About Kellie said...

You totally rock the condom suit!!! Well done for getting under the house - I freak out a little bit in confined spaces - Great job!

Drazil said...

Heee - love the suit. Fits right in for Easter - you just need cute pink ears.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

You are brave! you go girl!!

Read said...

I think you've totally found your costume for this year's Halloween!! When I was in college my room mates and I went as condoms - but we didn't look nearly as authentic as you do!!

You go girl!!

Debi said...

Wow Tina!! I would never be able to go under the house like that!! I am claustrophobic! I wouldn't even offer to help poor Walt out!! LOL

The frog is so cute!!

I'm Listening! said...

Nice should get into asbestos removal or something!

Lyla said...

Hahahaha-- you do look like a condom. But, you're the cutest condom I'VE ever seen.