Monday, April 25, 2011

Some Weighty Reflections

I have not yet made that fill appointment as a funny thing happened during the weekend that has me obsessing over the decision yet again.

So ever since Spring break (after the tightening few days on my way down) I have been miss loosy band goosey. Well yesterday almost one month to the day! of my trip to SFO I had a little episode with a quick slam breakfast (yup I could do that up until yesterday). Apparently my monthly hormonal fluctuation has a HUGE impact on my band tightness. So this got me to thinking. If I am going from too loose a fill to too tight of a fill every month how the heck am I going to find a perfect spot for most of it? Do I wait until this tight thing fades and then get a fill with the plan that I will have a week or so of liquid diet to get through every month? Do I need to carefully watch the days and prepare for this band tightening? So the facts:

1. From the 25 of one month until the 18 or so of the next I can eat like a crazy woman and my inner voice urges me to do so.
2. from the 18-15 of the month I can currently eat but suffer from acid reflux at night and if I am not careful (slow eating, careful chewing and stick to softish stuff) I will end up getting stuck or spending some quality time with the garbage disposal.

I so need to make that appointment and talk it over with my surgeon or Nurse. To fill or not to that is the question again.

back to my other non-bandy life. We spent yesterday hauling crap to our newly christened big storage unit. We got word today that the small house (two bedroom, 1200 square feet and a nice little side yard) that we applied to rent has been approved. We will start moving over on Thursday and aim to be out of this house by the weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday David mostly cleaned out the garage and some boxes of stuff from the kitchen that we only rarely use. I am having a heck of a time deciding what should go to storage and what we will actually live with for whatever period we choose to stay in this situation.

We are quite excited about the fact that this house is in a semi urban set up. it is walking distance from two grocery stores, our local train line, coffee shops and restaurants, a fabric and craft store, and other little shops. Across the street from our house is a neighborhood swimming pool and park with a play structure. This arrangement will provide us with one last chance to decide if we are going to live as city people who keep a horse in a stable or continue to pursue the country life...looking for property and house further out. In either case it will be a fun adventure :)


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

My band and yours could be sisters! Fickle, fickle. I'm excited for you and your move, I know from experience that, you will always want something that's in storage, but you can get by with the minimum!

Robin said...

What a wonderful opportunity to try-out city life before committing! (And you know I'm with you on the fill thing!)

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Gosh you really are in a difficult situation. The reflux part of it makes me worry that a fill could make that last longer than just that pms week. And you don't want to do any damage to your band. That's a tough call, but sounds like you're doing the right thing talking to your doc, of course!
And I think your new place sounds so cool. One place I'd love to live is Seattle - that is just the coolest town and to live within walking distance of so many of those places sounds so neat! Are you going to be living in downtown Seattle?