Friday, April 15, 2011

I Am Alive

I am here. I have occasionally been able to read the blogs. I have let my farmville fields sit empty again and I have some sinus cold thing from hell. My band is pretty open and I am hankering for a fill again but the scale just sticks at around 167-168 every morning. I am sure in another couple of weeks it will tighten up and drop me back to 164 for another round of the same.

Work is work..I am in negotiations with David again about what do do about work next year. No decisions have been made but lots of talking has gone on. I wish these kinds of decisions were simple and obvious instead of so darned difficult and strategic.

I am posting this blog in a sad attempt to avoid crawling under my house to clean up 'stuff' and install some insulation in under a couple of bedrooms. I have my stripey work overalls and long sleeved shirt ready to go. I have a car full of insulation stips and gloves but I am thinking of reasons to go back to the home-fix it store so I can avoid actually crawling under the house.

I have to pick Grace up at school at you think putting it off for another hour and 1/2 is really procrastinating or is it just good planning? :)

I cannot wait until Summer!!!!!!!!



Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I call it good planning!

Robin said...

I think good planning here too! But then, I've been good planning the whole day! ;)

I'm Listening! said...

Procrastination is always out for possums!

Amanda Kiska said...

Crawling under the house...that doesn't sound fun! I say any excuse you can think of is a good one!