Sunday, April 10, 2011


This morning while showering I had a bit of a skin moan fest that I thought i would share...I have skin. I have 140 pounds of empty skin and there are days when I am naked that it bugs the hell out of me.

The three most bugging locations are my stomach, my arms and my boobs. Yes I know I should be happy with the 140 pound weight loss and do not get me wrong I so am. It is just these periodic shower episodes that get me down sometimes. I have a good four inches of arm flap that swings int he breeze. I have a good 12 inches of boob hang (like a large melted Buddha candle)or as my grandson calls him...booba. and then there is my stomach. it has gone from round and flappy to just super flappy with the very strangest squared off corners as it seeks its way down over my now bony hips.

These moments are not daily..but they happen. I know I could have surgery but soon after my showers I put on clothes. With clothes on and in front of the mirror I feel better. The size small yoga pants smooth out my stomach. My wonderful bra harnesses my boob sag and hauls the girls in a perkier location at a young alertness only the bits of elastic and nylon can. Only my flappy arms play daily peek-a-boo if I am wearing a short sleeve...these keep me aware of the ravages to my body inflicted with years of obesity. I participated in this obesity. My hormones or my brain or whatever causes our descent in to obesity contributed. Now at 47 I wear these skin scars that sometimes annoy.



Something About Kellie said...

It's definately a catch 22 isn't it. Happy that you have lost weight unhappy with excess skin....

As I am only at the start of my journey I am unsure how this will impact on me psychologically in the future, I am sure it will, but I am hoping to minimise the excess by starting weight training now.

Size small yoga pants would make me feel better too :)

Robin said...

Oh Tina... I have the same thoughts. I can deal with most if it (thighs, belly, boobs) but my arms drive me crazy. My husband and I square dance and I need to wear short sleeves dancing (too hot otherwise) and sometimes I get a glimpse of my arms and it is not pretty. Not sure if I'm up to surgery but I'm not discounting it.

Lonicera said...

When I read up about it they say it's the surgery on the arms that can be the most painful. Last year you were talking about tummy tucks - are you still considering it?

Lyla said...

Hey T-- you know I'm in the same spot (though I still have some fat in that belly to lose). Most of the time I'm fine, and happy, but sometimes. . . sometimes, the skin stuff bothers me.

TheManInTheChair said...

We just had the roof re-tiled, for about the same price that the surgery would cost.