Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just a quickie-

Work is still driving me crazy..good bad and ugly..I still want to quit without actually having to quit or choose one job over the other!! I am still vowing not to decide until summer.

The house people are wanting to do more appraising but the stuff isn't all done but they are barging in anyway. Contractors have been coming and going and calling and the cash register sound is kachinging right and left (annoying the hell out of me) and I don't want to spend anymore.

it is midnight for the third day in a row and I just finished plowing through a pile of work I have to prep for tomorrow morning.

OH and what the hell but I started playing farmville again? am I CRAZY??? I know it is a brain dead thing but like I don't have enough on my plate..FARMVILLE?? I would much rather plant some real seeds but my dirt is soon to not be my own and I have no dirt to dig my hands into yet (Nichole says she is going to call a community garden and see if we can get a plot).

thats it for now. On the food front I am still mostly eating OK..I do enjoy the lettuce and steak that the band is letting through. I am hanging between 164 ane 170..I would prefer to hang closer to 164 but Im not sure it is worth the tightness or hassle needed. I took my bike in for a brake change (L-shaped ones that I can get to from the top of the curved handle-bars). I am looking forward (kinda-with trepidation) to getting back on it again. FIngers crossed I stay on this time!!



Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

You poor thing, I hope things calm down for you!

Amanda Kiska said...

That sounds stressful! I'm glad you are coping. I've never played Farmville, but I know it can be addictive.