Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well Thankful has Gone Down the Toilet!

Ok so I have not posted a thankful since the 17th and it is now the 23rd. Um..I guess I kind of lost the plot.

So remember when I was in New York and having trouble keeping meals down..yeah well it has been almost exactly one month since then. A relatively PB and stuck free month (with the odd stupidity barf thrown in for good measure). Well guess what has reappeared for the past two nights? yup you guessed it..I am fine with my morning coffee, fine with lunch (today was 1 scrambled egg with cheese). For dinner I took my aunt downtown and we walked around in the rain and wind (it was kind of exciting even though I don't think she agreed) looking for a new place to have dinner. The three of us..aunt, grandson and I finally stopped at Pastini (she was so worn out and soggy by the time we got there she just said..yes lets eat here). She had a vegetarian pasta dish. I ordered spaghetti and meatballs and Grant ordered broccolini (I love broccolini). We shared..I had about one meatball and about two bites of pasta. it was delicious. It sat fine...We left Pastini and walked quickly back to my class. My aunt waited for me while my daughter took Grant home. Dinner was fine..I felt fine. I went with my aunt up to the hospital..I visited...dinner was fine.

I left for home at 9:30 pm (dinner ended at 6:00). It was there I could tell but still feeling fine. I got home...changed into a robe sat down on the couch watched a little TV surfed the Etsy a little..and guess what decides it is no longer fine? My #$%#% dinner..thats what. from 10 until midnight I worked on getting whatever it was that managed to stick at such a stinking slow pace out. the meatballs were tender. I chewed the crap out of the pasta...everything that came back was small...stupid tights.

I had a similar experience last night. wasn't too hungry and then whammo starving. I had a piece of cheese toast...twice. pht...

During the day things went SO well...I even managed to get a full iron table down without breaking it in half and had NO iron burps...pht. I guess this month it is a case of the night time tights?

thankful...days 18-23. I am thankful for all of those people on this planet who inspire me:

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