Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tired but doing something about it

I went to the doctor today for a bit of a chastisement. Remember back in June when I was told I needed to start taking my vitamins and iron and such? Well umm yeah..I didn't. I have been really run down lately, tired, depressed...just no oomph at all. Well the doctor re-told me that I was down two pints of blood low in a bunch of vitamins and minerals (b-12, iron, D)...This time I was a good girl and went right out to find the vitamins and I have officially taken my first dose this evening. She took another blood sample and will let me know what it says. I predict it will be even worse than last time (based on how I feel).

So the winy part where I defend my stupidity is next: I am tight and taking the plethora of pill she wants me too has been really hard. I have a heck of a time just getting the prozac down. Well...I sorted that out while I sorted out the vitamin situation. I asked the pharmacist if I could dump out my capsules..and I can. Tomorrow morning I will try my first dose of powdered prozac. I will then chase it with 3 grown-up gummy-vites (that have 200% of the recommended b-12 and about as much D). I will chase these with a cut in half iron tablet (that liquid was just toooooo nasty to try again). I will get one of those monthly pill boxes tomorrow when I go out for files (see the next paragraph) to get my life sorted.

I finished the Getting Things Done book I mentioned a month or so ago. I am now in the action stages. The first step is to gather all of my life's crap and sort it quickly into time needed to complete categories. I also sorted mine into knitting, mathy, needs doing right now, stuff to read sometime, and math class (that pile didn't fit on my stacker). I sorted through all of my piles in the living room and cleaned off my bedside table (after 9:30 pm tonight even). It is time I got my life back in order don't you think?
No more woulda shoulda coulda's and much more got it, did it, doing more.

November Thankful:

Day 10: I am thankful for the doctors that my uncle has pulling for him. They are talking about surgery now but it is all very risky and scary. I have never seen such a great group of people collaborate like this. I only dream of this kind of collaboration in my work.



Read said...

Take your damn vitamins, woman!! I think it feels so good when things have been categorized for their next phase. And yay for good doctors who can collaborate well, you don't always find that.

Lynda said...

I always had trouble remembering to take my vitamins until I got a pill-box (you probably saw it in Chicago). I fill mine every has sections for AM & PM and I have managed to take my vitamins almost every day this year!!!

Lonicera said...

And if you mixed the horrible tasting powder/liquid with honey, would it not help? I use a pill crusher and honey. It's by no means perfect, but bearable. I'm also now taking my pills a bit earlier in the evening - it always seems tighter when I go to bed...

Cece said...

Mathy. Such a great word :)