Thursday, November 17, 2011

Exit Interview-Finally

Well holy moly despite my indecision and trepidation about what would be included in my exit interview today I was pleasantly surprised. I was in a round about way offered another job. After I pulled my chin up off the table I pitched that I go on as a courtesy faculty member for a period (that means no pay but campus privileges). I debated long and hard about the pros and cons of cutting ties all together or keeping my foot in the ring but trying to balance my life and work better. The fewer distractions I leave on my desk the more I can focus on what is already there. I have always had a difficult time saying no to things and there is much that is positive about the work I was doing here. On the other hand It would be smart of focus on a few things and get them done...hmm what was that book I just read called again?

After a discussion with David and much thinking and even more thinking after the meeting I think I will stick to the courtesy situation for now and pitch to my paper boss (the one I respect and like) that in exchange for this I work distantly on another stem project with him and begin writing up a few selected articles from the grant I just walked away from. That second part might not be acceptable to them. For some reason they seem to think that when someone leaves a position there is a requirement that they forget everything they ever saw or learned as far as data is concerned. I know better but apparently this misconception is stuck in their minds.

Either way I am all good. I have said my piece and I believe my boss managed to pull off the 'good terms' situation he wanted. Now I need to craft/draft a contract without pay for myself and figure out how to balance all of this and still do all the other stuff that I want (like the knitting store among other things of course). By the way..this boss of mine...he raises fleece bearing goats and was very interested in selling me some of them :). I of course told him about the store.

There was some post meeting talking with a former colleague (who is a great person) and David...and this leads me to today's grateful post.

soo..todays grateful Day 17: I am grateful for people who offered a listening ear, gave me space to cry, gave me support, gave me advice and were just plain old kind to me during all of this job quitting and career crisis/changing/brainstorming/figuring out gig. Yes again I am talking to you! Comments were left...because you are my bandster and boobs girlfriends, my roomie at Boobs was the bomb when I blew a gasket and blubbered on my bed :) David as usual managed his often very annoying but the right thing to do support without advice. My colleague, my family..oh this list goes on. I am gaining peace about the whole decision making thing and I am glad!!!



Lonicera said...

In all your posts about your working life one thing always shines out, and that is that your knowledge and expertise are sought after somewhere. This ability of yours that gets people offering you jobs - could you bottle it? I'll definitely have some...
Good on ya Tina.

Band Groupie said...

Sounds like a smart decision, from a smart woman! Good job, whoop...'courtesy job'!

On another note:
Just wanted to let you know (so I don't confuse anyone more than I usually do) that Sandy Lee and Jen (did the design/setup...we have stars!!) have officially moved the old SOB blog (now Superstars) and will be maintaining it. It's here:

Dawnya said...

They realized you are the best. I don't know how you will do it all. But I know you will.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Good for you!

Amanda Kiska said...

I'm glad it went well!

Cece said...

Peace of mind in decision making = priceless !