Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting it Done

I went to the office supply store today...ohh I love a good office supply store. I now have a expandable folder and some pretty files to create year long calendar. I have always dreamed of getting all of my birthday cards done ahead of time and then when the calendar changes mailing them so that all of my family and friends get a card from me. This has always been a dream..never a reality. Most of the time I send just cards to my nieces and nephews and most of the time they are late. Well now thanks to the Getting Things Done author I will have a year long calendar set up with a month set up day by day and the remainder set up a month at a time. I think I will use post it notes if something is date specific.

David got refill stickers for her label my labels will be lovely. Now I have to do the not so fun part--sorting through the crap. I have started and even sorted a little more last night but there is soooooo much to go through. I am determined.

Day two and I have now taken my vitamins and meds like a good compliant girl. So far...I still take the prozac in the capsule with my breakfast coffee. I opened them and OMG they were awful. Worse even than the iron drops. So...basically my morning meal consists of coffee and pills. I have started taking the vitamins for lunch. I break up the iron tablet into three pieces and sit and drink something (today it was diet orange soda but yesterday it is water) and then chew up my two gummy vitamins before I am allowed to eat anything. Again the pills temporarily fill me up and I have to linger much longer over my lunch that I normally would.

Tonight a couple of friends of Davids from work, and the two of us are going out to a swanky restaurant here in Portland call Beast. It has a tasting menu and according to the friend is a place to learn a ton about culinary artistry. I am the designated driver and will attempt a report tomorrow.

Friday: Thankful for veterans who were given yesterday as a holiday but still had to work. My aunt said..isn't it funny that kids get Veteran's day off but veterans have to work. She is so right. With the amount of time I have been spending at the hospital I have learned that there are many veterans who go into the hospital without any family. These guys spend long periods of time with only nurses and doctors to communicate with. Although they get the best care that I have ever seen medically it is sad that many do not have friends and family to look out for them and keep their spirits up. War is a nasty job and I am thankful to those who do it even when the decision to participate in said wars may or may not be their own or just.

Saturday: I am thankful for office goods. Retail therapy and office goods are mood lifting :)


Sam said...

It funny, I have that same dream with the birthday cards :o) and next year I plan on adding all the birthdays I can to my calander that I am creating online with my holiday photos :o) Hopefully we will both be able to get the cards out to friends and family on time next year!!

Cece said...

I'm an office supply junkie ... love the stuff !