Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Ready

1. Getting dressed takes a lot more work than it once did. Don't get me wrong this isn't a complaint but I changed into three outfits on Sunday morning, put on makeup saturday night and looked in the mirror several times on each day checking fluffing and asking Davids opinion. The question I ask myself is why? Why didn't this occur to me before. In this conversation with myself I think the answer is kinda complicated. I think I avoided looking at what I had done to my body and if I didn't look I didn't face the problem. I think I was so depressed by how I would look in clothes that I just put on the same old uniform each day and didn't try anything new. My uniform was slacks or jeans, a t-shirt or tank top and a blouse or cardigan to drape over my fat. Was I fooling anyone. Yes...myself I think. Finally I don't think I had the energy at that time to mess with any of this overly much. I was tired...all of the time.

2. Yesterday we went shopping for Christmas. We have stuff to send to my parents house with two of my daughters this Thanksgiving. We will be staying home and celebrating with Nichole, Grant, Nichole's boyfriend, some family friends. I only wish we were in our new house to do it but it seems we are destined to spend this holiday on the carpet and cooking in a small kitchen. We also have stuff to get into international mail to sent to the UK. We got some Oregon cards too!! :)

3. Getting things done is still at the gather and sort stage. I cleaned out another box of stuff from my old office yesterday. I managed to throw away 50%. My goal is...cutting the clutter by 50% I hope I can keep it up!!

4. My uncle was scheduled for a procedure for Tuesday. They are trying to relieve some of the cyst he has developed on his pancreas so they can start trying to figure out the extent of work that will need doing on his pancreas. He is in pain and the cyst is pushing all of his internal organs into tight quarters. Last night they told my aunt they would be doing it today and then this morning when I rushed down to be with her while they did it..they went an cancelled the thing. sheesh...It is back on for tomorrow or Wednesday. I hope they do it soon and he can start moving forward towards recovery.

5. My daughter is having trouble getting things done :) I am starting to see a theme in our home...We are going to work together I think to improve ourselves.


Read said...

All good thoughts as always and I'm thinking about your uncle! I hope they get it done tomorrow!

Cece said...

I def think that 'getting things done' can be a learned habit so I'm glad that you're bringing your daughter into the progress :)

Dawnya said...

Your life is always so busy. When do you rest.

I'm pretty sure you will get things done.

Have a great week. Keeping your uncle in my prayers.

Sam said...

All I can say on your first point is ditto :o)