Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And Day 15 arrives.

I am thankful for the radiologists of the VA hospital. They put up a bit of a fight because the procedure was risky but my uncle has a drain installed and has lost more than 18 pounds and 6 liters of pancreatic fluid out of his abdominal cavity. He is breathing much better and sleeping solidly for the first time in ages.

His nurse made a joke after he was back in his room and settled in that he had just undergone the VA wieghtloss plan. It was a long and stressful day but turned out well.

On the Band front:

I have taken my vitamins and meds like a good girl since Friday. There have been difficult moments but so far...taking my prozac in the morning and if there is still room or the pills go through my stoma nicely I will chase it with half of my iron tablet. Before I eat lunch or if I am thirsty at midmorning I will take the other chopped bit of iron tablet and chew on my gummy vitamins.

If I have been good and gotten it all down I am free to eat lunch. Who would have that that withholding food from myself until after meds would do the trick??

I am still pretty tight and contemplating getting a tad of an unfill. My thinking is that if my vitamins and mineral balances continue to be a problem I will have to take the unfill...if that unfill means I gain some weight so be it but no more than 170 and I will do my best to eat better but low cal so I can maintain my weight and just run with a looser band. So far the pills are going down and I can tolerate the tightness. I have had a few problems here and there with PB's...oh corn why art thou so evil :).


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Band Groupie said...

OK, I'm SO stealing the 'pills come first' method. I've had my order for bloodwork for weeks now and I haven't done it...because I haven't been taking my vitamins! So thanks for the kick in the butt!

I've got a quick question for you...

I'm working hard to get the Lap Band Book published. I'm recommitting myself to the effort...I just SO want to pay this forward...and I'm sure, like you, I still get weekly emails from newbies wanting real information from a Bander. As part of the effort, I'm overhauling my Blogger pages. Since the book has a lot about all the different approaches/choices we can make (and how what works for one may not work for another), I want to offer readers more success stories than just mine. I'd like to ask your permission to copy your S.O.B. post/pics that you did for Gen to my Blogger page (or I may set up a seperate blog that's linked). Is that OK with you? I could keep your blog name/link private if you want (or even your pics).

Let me know, and it's OK if you're not comfortable with this.

Band Groupie/The Sweet Spot (or email if that's easier: nginkgo@zoominternet.net)