Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful Day 14

I am thankful for people who touch your lives and are kind, invested, and interested. I had lunch with a colleague today. He is laid back but worries about his kids. We talked it out. I hope I made him feel better. We talked about my ex-job..he made me feel better and inspired me. At the hospital the dialysis nurse, the RN, the med student and the doctor and the hospice counselor all asked how my weekend was. They asked how we were holding up in this hospital gig and then complimented my aunt on her caring and helpfulness and kindness to the staff.

Welll this is a funny thing. I wrote this post last night and thought I published it but here it sits. I guess today's thankful is:

I am thankful for the draft function that automatically saves my posts when I absentmindedly forget to actually hit publish after all that typing.


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Cece said...

LOL ... love it .. and I would agree. The autosaver function is fantastic :)