Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful November Day 3

A PHOTO RERUN: Last year the day after Thanksgiving the whole family went to a Christmas tree farm and harvested Christmas trees. This was a photo from that day.
From left to right in back: Jamari (Cinda's BF). Cinda (daughter number 3), David (Husband), Me, Meghan (daughter number 2), Nichole (daughter number 1), Grant in her arms and Grace in front (daughter number 4).

Day 3: I am grateful that I have four very sensitive and understanding daughters who each have a distinct personality and various likes and dislikes. They each genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together and with us.

Today's wrap up-my grandson, Grant, spent the night yesterday and I learned the power of thankful thinking. Just writing down my intentions seemed to impact how I viewed the rest of the day. Now don't get me wrong....I still gnashed and thought over the cracks but...I could at least see the things to be thankful for in sharp focus. Grant and I walked to Starbucks, watched school house rock together, went down to the hospital to visit with my aunt and had lunch with my parents and aunt and Cinda (daughter number 3). I always feel like I am Charlie Chan when I name them that way but it is how I can help you understand who they are :))

While I drove home Grant fell asleep and by the time I got home I was so worried about him having an accident that I made him go potty when we hit the house...well the nap was done after that. We chilled and watched a little TV. Grant and I went with Grace to choir practice and he played a little, I knitted a little, we colored in his Go Diego Go coloring book. We ate some Halloween Candy and we took a couple peeks in at Grace singing. Oh..we also petted a really cute dog.

We then stopped at the grocery store to get Grant replacement for his lost pacifiers (he still holds them while he sleeps at night). and some food for dinner. We came home, ate...he had a little pre-poop accident in his pants and my wonderful husband cleaned him up (I had just eaten and my gag reflex was working overtime)....shudder....Grant took a bath and then he put on his pajamas and crawled into the little cocoon bed I made for him on the floor next to where I sleep. We read a dinosaur book and then he fell asleep.

After a little TV, David and I also went to bed and we all had the best nights sleep in a long time. In the morning Grant woke up and hopped into my bed for a cuddle (he was very cute and said.."ohh I snuggle with mama in the mornings"). and then we got up and left for his preschool.

After a calm (he loves his school) preschool drop I went up to the hospital to check in on my aunt and uncle. My uncle had a fever spike but the meds kicked in later in the afternoon to bring his temp down. I took my aunt to my house for a shower, laundry and in for a few groceries. She impresses me with her strength and kindness.

We waited for Grace (daughter number 4) to get out of school and then went back to the hospital for a quick visit and then back down to grants preschool to pick him up. The three of us went and got dinner at the grocery store and had a picnic back in my oldest daughter's dorm room. Grace Grant and I watched a little Wild America on DVD and then walked over to my class where we met Nichole (daughter number 1) who watched the kids while I went to class. Grace and I are now home..she is in bed and I am typing this probably boringly detailed post for yall :)

All in all a very nice couple of days when you think about it from a thankful perspective :) :)



Amanda said...

really sounds like a nice couple of days! I love the family picture and it sounds like Grant is a great kid! Just like your a great G-ma!

Interested about lunch with your parents and Aunt!

Cece said...

That DOES sound like a nice couple of days. You post made me miss my sisters a little bit (because we like each other too).

Ronnie said...

Sounds like a great time with your grandson, he sounds precious! :)