Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Keeping On Keeping On

My uncle is doing much better. He has to recover and they don't know the extent of the damage to his pancreas but everyday they take out more tubes and he stands up a little more frequently and for a longer time.

I have taken my vitamins everyday but two. I just could not face the iron tablets on Friday and Saturday but I took the rest. I am still really tired and having difficulty getting up in the mornings. My aunt put me onto a new drink-sugar free green tea with with citrus by Sweet Leaf. I took a whole slow release iron pill with it this morning without breaking it in half. I went through OK. Yesterday I took the same one but broken into two pieces and spent the rest of the morning burping up the nastiest iron taste on the planet.

On Thursday we are hosting 14 for Thanksgiving. We have our bronze breasted turkey. David made a menu and grocery list last night. He has already made one cheesecake and is planning another tonight. The bread will be mixed and set to rise over night for baking tomorrow. I am slotted to make a pecan pie (with his crust). I am not sure where everyone is going to sit and if we have enough plates to eat off of but I am sure we can figure it out.


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Keep taking your vitamins like a good girl and you'll feel better. Glad to hear your Uncle is getting better. Happy Thanksgiving!

Barbara said...

Stay strong.. praying for you, your uncle and your family.. be well