Friday, April 30, 2010

I Love Friday

I'm just going to pop in for a quick post ala BYOC.

1. My favorite Smell-

I have two really and they are the smells of the high desert after rain. One is the smell of wet dust in the summer and the other is the smell of sagebrush after a rain. Just typing this makes me fell all nostalgic.

2. My favorite movie-To be honest I don't really have one. What I do have is two very fond movie watching memories.

One is as a child. After school everyday our television station had the 3 o'clock movie time when they would play old movies. My mom, brother and sister and I would very often sit together, with popcorn and watch them together. It was nice inactive (not good for my weight I am sure) family bonding time.

The second is with my husband. When we were dating we discovered we both had a thing for foreign films. We spent many weekends browsing the foreign section at Hollywood video for good ones that we would then either take back to my place or his and snuggle on the couch to watch.

3. My trigger food-well apparently it is leftover snacks following a party :)...It used to be nice bread, candy, and burgers and fries. Now it is just snackies and availability.

4. Words of wisdom when a friend/family member is hurting-

I don't think it is the words that matter it is the being there. Frequent phone calls to ask how they are doing. an email or facebook post to cheer them up. An invitation to go and have down time. If they decide to talk during this period than be there for them and listen.

5. Blog post of the week-Everyone who posted an answer to these questions last week I guess and the reverberating other posts about how we covered/protected ourselves from the pain of obesity. These posts/discussions really got me thinking about how things are different, why I was fat in the first place, and how I lived my life as a fat person for all of the years I did.

Thanks-really because it is time I really look back on this path in order to gain some idea of what it means to move forward. For a while now I have been wondering what life will be like as a non-dieting, normal person. What does one blog about when they hit goal and just live life? I'm still trying to figure it out here and in my day to day living. I am starting to feel like I am at a cross-roads and one would think that as a non-dieting lapbander I would have already worked my way up to life as a non-dieter but as I lost the weight there was still the scale, still the fills, still he worrying about food..just not in a calorie counting, kinds of food thinking way. Now I am facing hitting goal and I have never been here before (ever!!!) and I feel the need to decide what I want 'it' to be.


tessierose said...

great answers!

Drazil said...

Very insightful - love your answers and your memories.

Jen from Oregon said...

aren't all those posts the coolest? I love how everyone can share when they have those breakthroughs.

Have a great weekend

chicroses said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I so enjoy the phlox. Ive never paid attention to how the phlox grow up into the sage brush. We have them all over beautiful.
Gosh isnt this weight loss trying? I got down really down to 192 2 wks ago then last wkend was my birthday and I gained 2 tomorrow is Hatties 2nd more eating..ggggrrr.
You write beautifully..writting eloquently is what I really would like to be able to do...but it isnt there..bothers me..but it wouldnt if I didnt have a why do I do it? Weird. So glad your feeling better and loosing weight...such a great feeling. I have been working on jim big time..but he has a hard time.You have heard that he is diabetic or did I tell you already? He pricks his finger but has trouble getting the poke to go deep...he has calloused fingers..I feel sorry for him.. sally

Girl Bandit said...

Love love your answers

Gen said...

Tina, thanks for your comments on my blog. How amazing that you will soon be at goal!