Sunday, April 18, 2010

BOOBS, Boobs, Rings....and a Slding Scale With Hair

BOOBS-I am going to do my best to be there. With my new flux in employment I have a potential job in the hopper that will give me weekends off. If the dreamy job doesn't pan out (but it looks really good) I will probably be teaching on Saturdays and will not be able to arrive in Chicago until dinner time on Saturday. Will you all BOOBSy's take a late arrival?

Boobs-Remember my post about buying new bras and underwear finally? well my post plastic surgeon consultation vow to work on the remaining 35 pounds and this cold/flu thing I have had going on has started a daily shift in the scale again. I am now down 4 more pounds and I swear it all came off my boobs and chin. I have just developed a case of turkey neck and my boobs are a couple of empty sacks of skin. eek!! I am feeling the need to put a new picture up and will try and get some taken today to post.

Rings-I took my rings in for resizing and went and picked them up last night. it cost $125 dollars to have my white gold engagement and wedding ring reduced in size by 2 units to a size 6 (I don't know what the units are for jewelers..Bunny do you?).

As much as I hate feeling tired, and stuffy and sore throaty I am thrilled that the cold/flu thing I have is completely harnessing any hunger I have. Yesterday I only wanted warm drinks so all day I ate 2 skim peppermint mochas, 3/4 Starbucks oatmeal with all of the fixings and 1/2 cup of spaghetti and about 3/4 cup of light vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. A week of days mostly the same I have dropped 4-ish pounds of fat that was failing to shift and I thought was stuck.

I have always had a bunch of really dark thick hair. I have always always shed a lot of hair. Post lapband and weight-loss my hair comes out a lot faster. I just noticed this week that when I am on a losing phase my hair comes out even faster (my weight loss always come in quick bursts of loss then two weeks of sticking and then another burst). My head starts to itch (I am assuming it is from the ends of hair floating around in there). I will run my fingers through it to scratch the itch and come away with a handful of hair. Does your hair-loss pick up when the scale is moving down? I am really trying to take my vitamins better and eat protein but I am not always as good at is as I should be.


Drazil said...

Most definitely we'll take a late arrival. HOpe you can make it. Let us know!

Sandy Lee said...

I'm getting the hair loss too. Not sure if I can do anything but wait for it to grow back and do a comb over. LOL.

Linda said...

If you can get there please come!! Late is better than never..
I'm going to be an earlier leaver, but hopefully we'll see each other.

Gen said...

Hope you can make it, I would love to see you in Chicago!

DocSly said...

Tina, I would check out the hair loss with your doctor. I know it can be a problem and may be related to protein. Take your vitamins without fail. Thanks for your kind words. I think you are doing so well!

Debi said...

Yes, I have noticed my hair loss a lot too. In fact, Walt mentioned the other day that my hair was getting thinner! As if it wasn't thin enough already!!

I am so glad that you may be able to make it to Chicago!! I am truly happy for you! Maybe I can make it to Florida next year!

At least I got to meet Alexis today, and hopefully you and I can meet in late September when we are in Portland!! Meeting one or two of you is better than not meeting anyone at all!!