Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weightloss By the Month

I have been meaning to do this for ages now so thanks Gen for getting us all started on it. I will fill in the missing months when I go into the doctor. I did not keep track in the beginning so the first few months are blank. Part of my trusting process and handing this whole dieting thing over to the band to work. 304 was my all time highest weight. I then went on weight watchers and lost 46 then slowly regained it. In August 2008 the day of my surgery I weighed 298. Post band my weight loss rate has been sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Usually the fast bits were immediately following a fill.

Monthly dates--------Weigh-------loss
All time high --------304
August-08 ------------298---------6 pounds
March-09 -------------259--------39 pounds
April-09------------- 253-------- 6 pounds
May-09 ---------------250-------- 3 pounds
June-09-------------- 243 --------7 pounds
July-09-------------- 237 --------6 pounds
August-09------------ 226------- 11 pounds
September-09 ---------221-------- 5 pounds
October-09----------- 219-------- 2 pounds
November-09---------- 213 --------6 pounds
December-09---------- 205-------- 8 pounds
January-10 -----------199-------- 6 pounds
February-10---------- 199-------- 0 pounds
March-10------------- 194 --------5 pounds
April-10------------- 192 --------2 pounds

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