Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Week Stuff

Easter-I just finished a lovely relaxing Easter day with my family, friends and great food. We hosted this year at our house. Nichole my oldest, my grandson and her boyfriend were here, my friend (the one who lost 90 pounds 6 years ago) and her family were here as were David Grace and I. Cinda and her boyfriend came home later.

David cooked up a yummy and super soft oven roasted beef brisket in the oven (Cast iron dutch oven with lid on 325F for three hours and then 350 for another hour with barbecue sauce added). oven roasted potatoes with rosemary, My herb vegetable saute, David's home made artisan bread and chased with strawberry rhubarb pie. All home-made (David and I) and all delicious no matter how small amount I could eat.

After dinner we played some board games all together and than talked about summer vacation ideas and plans. It was all good fun and very relaxing and fun.

New Underwear Friday-

I took a return trip to the mall to buy Justine's slacks and decided it was time to find those new bras and panties. I went to Victoria's secret but those young girl boobs just do not sit like mine do. Either the bra had my boobs positioned right in front or they had them sitting in my arm pits. My boobs are just not located in either of those positions. They were fighting to get out or spilling out on either side of the cups. In addition to that the bra that did fit best was the most expensive. I then went down to Nordstrom (our local upscale department store) and had a proper fitting. They found me two bras that fit perfectly. They were a bit more expensive but im cool if they fit right. I have gone from a 46G from my largest down to a 36DDD....yes thats right..36!!!!!! I have not been a 36 anything since I was in high school. I also found some very expensive underwear that I will never buy again but they are nice, lacy and comfy. Both are boring beige and I am happy that way.

Body Image-

I talked to my friend who lost 90 pounds 6 years ago. She said, as I suspected, that she did not feel any different body wise either. She said the clothes thing was great and made her feel different. She also thought that if she had still lived in the UK when she lost the weight that she would have felt more different. In the UK because it is more difficult (or was when she lived there) to buy plus sized clothing.

When I pressed my friend and asked about looking in the mirror in the morning, she said she did not feel any different. I put it this way and she said she agreed..I looked in the mirror when I was big and did not see myself as a huge fat person. I saw bits that I did not like-like too round a tummy or fat arms-I did not see myself as fat unless I saw a picture of myself. Now I look in the mirror and I see the same flaws I did before and will probably never like everything. The odd part for both of us is that neither of us at the time saw a fat person in the mirror. Are we all like that? I have heard interviews with anorexic patients who talk about how all they ever saw was a huge fat person no matter how skinny or bony they really looked. Body image is a weird thing.


Girl Bandit said...

Well before I couldn't look in the mirror because I loathed what I saw....I think I just avoided it. Now I am starting to like what I see...partly because I am wearing clothes I like to and because I feel better about myself. You are going great....keep up the good work

Justine said...

I'm the same - I don't see a 'fat' person, just a girl with a big bum and a bit of a sticky-out tummy; I always think my face looks 'normal' then I see myself in photos (or on the local news the other evening!) and I realise there's still a whole lot of work to be done!

Sandy Lee said...

I'm the same-never saw the fat person in the mirror just the bits I didn't like. Only when I saw a picture of me did it hit home. I think it is similar to the anorexic and have been saying it for years-Dysmorphic syndrome where your brain doesn't register. But I have to see how my clothes fit and it feels good.

Anonymous said...

WOW. I like your blog and have joined as follower. I just started my weighloss journey too. I have not had the lap band, but have thought about it. Continue success.