Friday, April 23, 2010

Calm Again AKA The Snackies Have Left the Building

One would think that this far into things I would have the whole lapband, what to eat, emotional rollercoaster..yada yada thing figured out. Well apparently I don't. I am now back from crazy land and feeling like the kitchen is a reasonable non-tempting place again. I had a good long nights sleep and feel ready to face my kitchen from a sane point of view.

I work up really hungry and instead of heading straight for a morning drink as has become my habit (caffeine and water) I felt the need for food. I had a bit of egg salad and three crackers. AS I have hoovered or garbaged every vestige of naughtiness out of my kitchen it should be fairly safe today.

I do not know if I have written about this before so I am either going to bore you to tears with the catching up or fill you in:

In February I went to a conference where i met up with some people who essentially do the same job as I had been doing a long commute away but in Portland (right at my doorstep). We hit it off and had a really good time getting to know each other.

A few weeks ago I met up with the director of the center and he commenced making a job for me. I know this is crazy and wonderful. I have applied for countless jobs to no positive result since 2006 and now after having a few drinks and ice cream with a group of people a job is falling in my lap. I have been cautious about pinning my hopes on it because it all just seemed to be too good to be true.

Yesterday I spent the morning working on writing a grant with the people I met at the conference. During the meeting I chatted with the center director and it really looks like this is going to pan out!! It is walking back into crazy land from the bastion of calm that I have just moved to. I am thinking that by the time fall term starts I will be all rested up. I am really enjoying working part time and having a semi-retired life. Hopefully...can you tell I'm now getting a little nervous here...I will be ready for the challenge or bored from the calm.

So the game plan-today I will continue to work on the grant (some pro-bono/investment work for the new job, get ready for midterms with my real job and put another day between me and the out of control kitchen episode. By the weight is back down to 190 (phew).


tessierose said...

Well, I hope it works out for you if that's what you want. I'm glad to know that even though the "hoovering" episode happened, you seem to be in control now. I hope I can do the same someday.

Tina said...

hi--well they say talk is cheap but I once listened to a guy that said if you want to change you have to act like you are the person you want to be...I want to be someone who moves I am acting the part. Hopefully someday it will be me :)


amandakiska said...

So glad things are better today. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is heartening to know that we can move on from these experiences without too much damage!

THE DASH! said...

Hey, girl
I am hoping from the bottom of my heart that you get the job you're looking for. You'll be great at it. Good news on the hoovering dept. too. You seem to be back in control. xx

Anonymous said...
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