Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Floating Port

So I went in for my long awaited fill today. The nurse practitioner could not get my port. She left the room and consulted with my surgeon who fit me in an hour later (ohh I do love getting through the schedulers at the front desk and getting an appointment on the fly). I went up to the xray room and the surgeon met me there. He poked and prodded and took pictures and had me roll on my side for more pictures. In the end he decided that my port was disconnected from the muscle it was once anchored to. To give my surgeon credit he tried really hard he went through 4 needles that ultimately corkscrewed by the time he gave up and went to a new one. I did not get a fill and he gave me the choice-Either try to keep on going with my current fill level and diet on my own (eeeeeek)or start the process of scheduling tests and surgery to fix the port.

I feel like I have come too far to give up on this band at this point. I am, of course, going to start taking better control of my eating (whether hungry or not) and improve my almost nonexistent exercise regime. I also decided to start the process towards getting the port fixed.


Reddirt Woman said...

I think you're real smart to get your port fixed. From all I've heard and read, the fills get you to where your feeling full sooner and if they aren't right, everyone I read has said they can tell that they are eating more that they feel they should before getting that "full" and satisfied feeling.

I have to agree from what you've said, your husband is having idiotsyncristy problems.

Thanks for stopping by m little corner of the blogging world.


Lonicera said...

What really bad luck - wonder how that happened? Fully agree you should sort it out - in fact one can almost accuse them of abdicating responsibility by trying to pretend that managing on your own is even an option. How long since you were banded? If you went private or not, whichever party surely has a duty of care here??

Tina said...

I have had the band since last August but apparently this is a notes risk factor-I was covered under insurance and will probably be again (even though my insurance company has changed). Apparently the fix is not too bad-day surgery and home.