Monday, March 30, 2009

Fill Tomorrow -Happy Dance-Happy Dance

Tomorrow is my long awaited fill. I have been really up and down in tightness this last week. First there was the cookie incident-I further pushed the testing by trying to eat a tortilla (to my peril!). I have now settled down to a solid 259 but have been as low as 257. I hope this fill does the trick to get things moving again. I am good until lunchtime but then after lunch the hunger gets worse and worse until at night I turn into a ravenous mad-woman. I do wish the band was a bit more regular but Ill take tight during the day in order to get some sense of fullness in the evening.

I took a few days off for Spring break and went shopping (kitchen stuff, shoes for me, kids clothes). We also went to a family fun center one day and play miniature golf, and some really dumb games that were solely invented to rob you of tokens. I liked the golf but can you tell the token thing was not fun. In all we spent 20 dollars on tokens and in return my 7 year old got to spend a huge amount of tickets (i did get a jackpot on one game) for 5 small candies, a mini Micky Mouse figure and two rubber bracelets. This process took less than an hour.

On the job front my husband has been offered a six month contract to help out a project with his current employer (big company-new department). With this contract he can apparently still keep looking for a permanent job. So the problem is now put off until November.

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