Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inching Down the Scale

So San Francisco was great!! The weather was warm and sunny and the conference I attended was, as usual, inspiring. I have vowed to keep this blog on focus and not wander all over my work and home life (only allowing tidbits in) so I will not go into great detail here but it was a conference for people who use classic grounded theory research methods (sounds boring but really it is fun and interesting in a nerdy way!).

So I got inspired, got some sun and tadahhhhhh ate like a good bandster should. Lots of water, a protein bar for breakfast, bowl of soup or chili for lunch and good meat and veg dinner (chicken one night and salmon the next)and I walked for my meals :)

I hit an all time weightloss low and promptly my band opened up and so now I'm home with all of the temptations that being at home brings and starving!! I am hungry all day. I have already regained the 1 pound but not gone back up above 260.

I made an appointment for a fill but as is usual the doctor has gone on walk about and will not be available until the end of April!!! I told them that was unacceptable and made an appt with a nurse pract. The problem is that I have had trouble in hitting my port and if she cannot do it without xray help I will still have to wait until the end of April.

arghhgghghgh Looks like I am going to be hanging at this weight for a while.


Lonicera said...

I think blogspot must have been having an off day, because it was fine just now...
The thing about being away from home for work is that by definition you have loads of other things to think about (cue puzzling long title of your conference!!), and no time for 'head hunger', don't you think?

Tina said...

I totally agree with you Caroline-I love conferences for that reason alone. When you pack in the fact that sometimes I get to go to warm places when it is cloudy and rainy here and I get a clean room to myself away from all familial responsibilities It is the perfect recipe for success ;)