Saturday, March 14, 2009

So Frustrating

After two very tight days (and a mishap with a burrito) I am wide open again. I am stuck going up and down from 259 to 261 then tighten up and go back down to 259 again. I cannot figure out if i need a fill or just need to get a grip. I am off to SanFrancisco next week for a conference and am going to do my best to behave myself and walk everyday. Perhaps this will kick something in the rear and get the weight loss moving again. If not I guess it is time to make another appointment and get in for a fill.

On a good note my clothes are feeling Great! I have two little black dresses that i bought the last time i lost weight. One of these dresses was too tight but the jacket it came with fit wonderfully. The second dress fit wonderfully but the jacket was bad. I bought both dresses and put the tight dress and bad jacket in the closet (they were about 15 dollars each so super cheap). Anyway I pulled both out of my closet last weekend and viola not only did the big one fit again but i could actually comfortably get into both. All my jeans fit with a saggy backside and I had to get new bras because my boobs were floating in my last ragged worn out big bra.

On the stressful bad news front-my husband was laid off two weeks ago. They did it in such a caring and sympathetic way. They gave him two major awards on ugly wooden plaques and then promptly announced-oh by the way you will be out of work at the end of the month. My husband is pretty positive (or in tina speak-Pollyanna!) about the whole thing. He has had lots of interest by other departments who say they would employ him but no one has produced a contract yet. needless to say I am carefully calculating how many services i can cut from our budget and how far my income will stretch (not very far!!). I am also carefully figuring out how quickly we can sell the house if he actually does stop getting a paycheck. The way his company works is that he is let go by his current group at the end of the month. His job is then to sit at his desk and try to find another one for two months. If he has not found a job in that time they will send him packing with a months severance pay. I figure our worst case scenario is we have 3.5 months of pay left.

I am feeling like i can finally do pictures-my kids say my chin is definitely saggy (nice weight loss side effect? no bony chin for me..I am going to get a turkey waddle! and a stomach one to boot!


Lonicera said...

Never had a burrito! All these foods I probably now won't ever taste... (sob).
Haven't had any Non Scale Victories yet either, I'm losing weight far too slowly, all chins still present and correct. Oh well, patience.
(Tried to click on Follower on your blog, but maybe it's not 'enabled'?? Or is it just me?)

Tina said...

Your not missing all that much with the burrito's. The lost weight is wayyyy better.

I do not know why you could not link to one of my followers. Who was it? I haven't had any problems. I did try to become a following on yours had initially had problems. Maybe blogspot is glitch-y.


Tina said...

ack-i hate it when I just type and do not edit ahead of time-It appears you cannot edit a comment. so obviously burrito cannot be possessive. and I tried to become a follower on your blog.