Thursday, March 5, 2009

Restrictions Back Baby!

Always in the past it has taken a week (exactly) for my restriction to kick in. I cannot figure this out! The doctor put the fluid in..ok sure it might sit in the tubing or something by why after a week and in this case a week and 2 days, does restriction finally show up. Yesterday my restriction came back. I already called and made an appointment with the surgeon to give me more but I guess now I am going to have to cancel that appointment.

Additionally the great news is tadahhhhhh drum roll please.....I cracked 260 this morning-259.8 Now that is just a crack and I want to widen this gap for comfort. I still have no idea how to celebrate this major breakthrough. At this point I'm thinking bra because my poor boobs are shrinking. They are starting to float in my very cool but too big Oprah bra.

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