Thursday, March 26, 2009

It Pays to be Pushy-

So I was grouching about my poor lot in life with my oldest daughter and she said-well why don't you call to see if you can get a cancellation...Well duhhhhhhhh why didn't i think of that!!

I called and got a fill appointment next Tuesday!!! wooohoooo Now it is with the nurse practitioner but they were even willing to put me into an appointment with the doctor two weeks from now so that we could go up to xray. I am going to give the nurse practitioner a try and then if that fails try for another appointment with the doctor. I wish they would just train someone to do fills and make it easier on us poor slobs.

Ever since my conference I have been ruminating about doing a study of life after lapand. I think that there is a lot to learn about how people live with this thing. I think a lot of people (myself included) could save ourselves a lot of grief if we knew what the common patterns of behavior were when you get a lapband. If we knew this stuff perhaps we could and the medical profession could provide us with better support-ie education so that we dont have to get so frustrated along the way. yada yada soap box soap box :) Ill put a copy on here if I ever actually do it...

Today I was sooo open...ok now you say..How open were you? ....I was so open I downed a box of girlscout cookies in minutes....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yep not only did i do it but i admitted it for all to see. Lemon chalet creams..tasty but oh my goodness am I gong to pay for this sin. I neeeeed a fill.

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