Monday, March 2, 2009

Fill Last Monday?

I had my fill last Monday. It was good for two days then pretty much nothing. I tested with an English muffin and cheese toast today and did barf (so at least there is something)...but more than two cups of dinner last night attests to the fact that I'm not there yet...again. After my last fill I was rolling around from 262-267 and then back down again. This fill is keeping me between 263 and 261 but damn it I'm not past the darned 260 blockade.

I said to myself that I would start exercising (have I ever said how much i hate it!!) at 260..Well my daughter keeps saying I am just trying to avoid the exercise. I broke down and exercised this weekend. I walked to the nearby grocery store (about 1 mile) and did some aerobics yesterday. My daughter is trying to talk me into doing belly dancing with her to a show that plays on fit TV. I did take a belly dancing class once and it was fun-I'm not sure if TV belly dancing will measure up. Then of course there is the fact that it is exercise!

My kitchen is so great! we have kept it clean (always an impossible task in this house). We have cooked dinner every night for three weeks and even eaten leftovers. My DH has cooked twice, oldest daughter once. We took the weekend off but still have the baseboards to put on and tiling on the walls. After we finish these two things we can move onto the floors-I have a garage full of bamboo to put down.

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