Monday, April 6, 2009

Vegas Baby!

I just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas. It was incredibly fun and I did not even expect to like it. We stayed at the Bellagio, walked around town, gambled a little (I am a penny slots girl), went to a show, ate and drank.

The first night we got there for late dinner. I had a sea food fried rice dish with vegetables. I manage to put a small dent in it and then passed it off to my friend to at least stop the wait staff from asking me if I liked it. Then we went over to Paris :) (the casino) and played some slot machines and a table game. I bought a big old margarita in an Eiffel tower gift cup. my friend and hubby helped me work on it but even then I could only manage the slushy part in the tower the base I ended up dumping down the sink. At midnight I went back to the room to do some work and go to bed while my husband and friends returned to the gaming tables and slots. When I got to the room my stomach started to hurt-more and more. pretty soon I had to go throw up the drink and dinner (this one was a real barf-not the I ate too much or too big a bite kind).

On the second day I did my bottle of water, protein bar habit but found a bowl of fruit that I manage to have about 4 pieces of and that was it for breakfast. We then walked our way around the strip-to the MGM grand, New York New York and got some half price show tickets for Penn and Teller. We had lunch at an Irish pub where I had my new favorite fish and chips (one pice and about 5 chips). We took a cab up to the Venetian and wandered around and then walked back down to the Bellagio. We got dressed for dinner and went to Olives restaurant and had a delicious sweet potato ravioli starter, roasted chicken and strawberry crumble. I had about what seemed like 3 bites of each and then was stuffed. After that we walked down and watched the fountain do its thing, off to a cab and then to Penn and Teller. Over the course of the evening I had probably 4 vodka and Orange juice drinks (negating any savings of calories i had during the meals). Then I was the first to go to bed at 2am while my friends and husband went and gambled. I am obviously getting old!! I cant stay up that late.

On day three I had my water, protein bar and fruit. My husband and I soaked up some sun poolside and had a drink. At noon we checked out and then played a little slot machines (and I lost the 7 dollars i was ahead). wandered around the hotel a little. We attempted to have lunch but everything was too full so we left to the taxi for the airport. We had an OK lunch of talapia and refried beans at a mexican place. Then napped on the plane right home.

All in all it was a blast!! I did not think I would like Las vegas but I really did. My husband and I are already planning on going back for a weekend some time. We did not even come close to seeing everything. I would never, ever bring any children though! Lots of open displays of affection, breasts, and backsides. Besides shouldn't there be someplace set aside for adults only? ;)

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