Monday, April 27, 2009

The ride is coming to an end-

I think my nice and tight few days was due to hormonal help...I am back to my semi-open self and boy was I hungry today!! The band is still keeping it under control but I managed an entire toasted cheese sandwich for lunch...oh my oh my it was yummy. I just had some Viola!-a frozen garlic sauce, rotini pasta, chicken, corn, broccoli and peas laden meal that you dump out into a pan and steam for 18 minutes. I have managed 1/4 of a cup and am now stuck (obviously not too open). ahhh the joys of belching. I think I just cleared the offending item.

I am going to wait it out now for some water and stop the food for tonight.

I have a paper due for a presentation by Thursday (operation day). I have been online a whole lot more because I am playing my usual avoidance game. I like them when they are done, I like to do the presentations..but the preparation sucks!!

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