Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretty Quiet but I Have a Port Fixing Date

I have had a holding pattern feeling this week. I went back down to my low weight of 258 after the weekend in Las Vegas. I have been reflecting on how I ate while there and I think there are some things I need to improve here at home-

One, The meal portions that I put onto a plate are just way out of whack. Why I continue to fill a plate is out of control. I take the darn plate full of food and then end up throwing most of it away.

Two, I need to do a better job of eating meals: preparing them, eating at the table, and attending to what I eat. I am often guilty of throwing a quick meal together and then taking it into the family room to eat. In this setting I talk to my family, watch TV and do not pay attention. I either overeat or forget to chew. I then end up either throwing up or quit eating too soon and am then hungry again in an hour. When I turn to snacking I never make the right choices. and I start to gain instead of losing. The good news is the band helps me to keep this in check but I fully realize that I need to clean up my act.

Hopefully if I can keep my weight down to 258 this week so that I can go below that number as I will be in San Diego for a conference next week. When I travel I am always a good girl.

I went in Monday for an upper GI in preparation for the port fix I need. Even though I had to drink the oh so nasty barium again I have to say it was verrrrrry cool to actually see my band at work. I was totally correct that the stuff in my stomach is moving through quickly. I was totally correct in thinking that when i burped that the food was moving through my stoma. and the stuff really does back up behind that stoma and goes up quite high in my throat. Wowza! it is very cool to have a visual of what I imagined all this time.

On Tuesday I scheduled the surgery for April 30 (he wanted to do it next week!) and my pre-op check-up stuff after I get back from California. It is funny how Surgeons who cannot get you in for a fill for weeks on end can get you in pronto for some cutting! ;)

I'm excited for chapter II of the lapband saga.

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