Sunday, April 19, 2009

I lost some more weight?

Last week I was in SanDiego for a conference. I ate like a pig and drank like a fish yet still managed to take off 3 pounds. I did drink my water better and had to exercise for my dinner by walking from the conference center to my hotel and into town for meals.

On Monday it was two screwdrivers and and Irish pub for dinner. I had what was called an Irish potato pancake quesadilla. It had chicken and cheese melted in what they called a boxty. It went down much easier than the quesadillas I make at home with tortillas.

On Tuesday it was Tapas at a Spanish place for dinner. Here I had two sangrias and an array of tapas including chicken in some kind of sauce, a blue cheese filled date wrapped in bacon, meatballs,a bite of paella a coffee flavored creme broulee and bread pudding. Now I shared all of this stuff with everyone at my table but it was a very tasty dinner that went down very smoothly-almost too smoothly.

On Wednesday we had a late lunch at another pub and I had fish and chips with one screwdriver and finally on Thursday it was fish tacos and 1 screwdriver and then later two more of the things. I really only had one meal a day of any substance. For breakfast I always had a protein bar and for dinner it was a snack if it was a big lunch and likewise a snack for lunch like some tuna salad or yogurt if it was a big dinner.

For while I worried that when they dug around in my port all those times that they had finally poked my saline tube as I was able to eat most things quite easily. By the time I got to the airport to come home on Friday I had tightened back up (slammed shut is more like it!!). I attempted a small bag of cashews unsuccessfully even though I chewed them just fine. and then when i got home I made the mistake of trying to eat a small piece of pound cake..yeah well that was pretty dumb.

Yesterday was no different. I tried a few things unsuccessfully and finally had to make some egg salad. It even went down with a few moments of worry-I have always considered egg salad one of those slider foods.

Actually I am kind of excited. Maybe I can get a few more pounds off in the positive direction now. I hope so!

On Monday I go in for pre-op testing for the port fix on April 30. Hopefully everything is fine. My hair is falling out like crazy, my boobs have descended another inch or so. My clothes are starting to get big (mostly the necklines now fall down a little too low making my saggy boobs hang out!). At night I have started having to put the blanket between my knees as I have bones in there that rub annoyingly against each other and I found my ribs!! they are still in there quite deep but if I roll on my side in just the right position I can feel them :)



Lonicera said...

You seem to have found plenty of variety to eat without problems, though probably not the type of things you could rustle up quickly at home. Wonderful to have lost 3 lbs too...

Nola said...

Hi, found you from your comment on Lonicera's blog. Congrats on your much have you lost in total now? I have read back through a few of your older posts and have found your journey interesting:) I will put you into my favourites so I don't lose you now!

Tina said...

Hi Nola-At the doctors office today I hit an all time low. That puts me officially down 44 pounds on the doctors scale. On my scale at home and the one I obviously prefer because i can get on it first thing in the morning and buck naked after I pee :) it is 48 pounds. I want to count every pound i can :) for obvious reasons.