Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scale Is Sliding Down

I do not know what is going on with this band but I will take it! My band has tightened up since I got home from San Diego and Oh boy am I riding it as far as I can. Today I hit an all time low weight of 253-that is now 51 pounds lost.

My husband has gone on a bread-baking fest and for the first time in my life this doesn't strike fear in my very fiber because I am totally over the bread thing. I can have a bite or two or even a small piece and be totally satisfied with that (any more and I visit the sink and this is a great deterrent).

I was, for a while half tempted to cancel my port fix but decided that I need the thing in case I need an unfill just as much as I might need it for a fill. If a plane trip, or weight-loss or the phase of the moon can change how tight I am, who knows what could cause it to tighten up too much.

It is rainy here again our sunshine and warmth has gone away. Today was supposed to be partly cloudy but it is more just plain cloudy...I want the heat back!!

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