Monday, April 20, 2009

Pre-Op Testing and tadahhh I am now a size 18.

This morning I went back down to the hospital for my pre-op tests before my port fixing surgery on April 30. They listened to my breathing and heart beat, did an EKG, took some blood and talked about my meds, issues with anesthesia and medication allergies.

It all went very smoothly. The nurse practitioner was quite complementary about my progress, she was impressed that I was off my blood pressure meds and my left ankle hardly swells when I travel these days.

When they weighed in I was down to a solid 260 on the clinic scale and 4 more than that at home (I blame it on my blue jeans). I am still rotating up and down between those two numbers from day to day (yes I am one of those dreaded weigh myself everyday people). Recently the bottom end has been shifting further and further down.

After my treck into the doctors office I had to take my third daughter down to our general practitioners for a blood test then an hour south to drop off a grant application atthe state education department. Finally we drove up towards home and stopped off for lunch at Panera (sandwhich and soups). I had a bowl of chicken and wild rice soup (and even that had to be chewed and eaten slowly). Finally we went shoppinggggggg.

We went to a local discount store called ROSS (very similar to TK Maxx in the UK)..Not sure what the Aussies have because I have yet to visit! Anyway I went in serch of new sandals and slacks for work. I hit paydirt on both counts.

I really like sandals that have a loop around your big toe. They are usually hard to find but I found some. They even have a tiny heel but not uncomfortable at all. I also found some flip flop styled ones that actually fit. Normally I have trouble because I am all foot and no toes-so the distance between the top of the shoe and my toe crack is lacking and gives me blisters. These were nice and roomy.

I also found the pair of slacks i was looking for-and best of all they were a size 18 (still in the big girls sizes but creeping every more closely out!). At my largest I was a size 26. Today I fit into a pair that is a full 5 sizes smaller. I am now only 1 size away from the normal girl department and 4 sizes from my ultimate size 12 goal.

So tonight I am doing the happy dance..outside on the patio where it is a glorious 80 degrees f. Sorry you metric people-you'll have to go look that up!! My husband says upper 20's but he cant convert in his head. My 7 year old youngest daughter is playing with the sprinkler and all is well with the world :)


Nola said...

congratulations on the size 18 victory!! You are doing really, really well:)
We are coming into our winter now and the days are closing in and the nights are getting colder...sob!!

Lonicera said...

Oh for the day when I can treat myself to new clothes....... but I don't "deserve" them yet, and in any case I don't want to think I'd be wearing them for very long...