Monday, December 3, 2012


Horse News:
We took Grace to the Ortho. to have her foot checked.  Amazingly she managed to walk on it right when she found out it was time to go (hmm funny how a trip to the doctor causes a miraculous recovery).  Anyway she was examined and we think x-rayed (David did the taking and he volunteered to leave her alone with the doctor-crap I don't even leave him alone with the doctor!!!).  Ok that is a tad of an exaggeration but in a nut-shell we have to take her translation because David didn't get  any direct info.  She says the doctor said:  bruised bone.  must be able to hop back and forth on one foot before she could get back on the horse.

She immediately tried jumping back and forth on her feet and by Friday (24 hours later) she was good to get on.  We found out at noon (because she was dressed and ready to go a full 4.5 hours before it was time) that her helmet broke in the fall.  there is a plastic liner in them that helps the helmet stay tight against the riders head.  The force of her coming off the horse twisted the helmet on her head and sheared off the plastic connectors.  She had to borrow one at the stable Friday and unless the postal service is quick will have to again.  Not a very high quality product it doesn't seem..or..she hit her head harder than anyone let on.  I am just going to choose product poor quality here.

Bandy News:

Holy Mother Moly I mad a very LARGE error in judgement this weekend.  Thursday night david and I popped out to our local (I love that we have a local we can walk to now).  for a drink before bed.  I have a hand-work guild in the evenings that usually ends around 9 or 10. I am usually a bit wired afterwards so sometimes we pop over to the bar for a quick drink.  Well I had my drink (ok two) and it was all good.  On our walk back we walked down the main street and up as bold and brass in one of the windows was a man (a man I have spoken too mind you but not a friend) sitting buck naked eating a bowl of cereal with his cat perched on the table next to him..yes it was that clear and my eyes were burning.  An amusing but freaky sight...but that is not the point here no matter how entertaining.

On Friday night we decided to go to the bar again.  I know (not a good idea).  We have gotten to know a few people at the bar just to chit chat with so we lounged on the bar stools and drank a bit (my two favorites are hot chocolate and rumple minz or orange juice and rumple minz.  I found the other guy in the neighborhood who drinks the bottle they have behind the counter too!! hot chocolate and..two more with orange juice (one was a tall and double)  I was just a touch inebriated.  We had a great time came home went to bed ..sleep..a bit of a wake up tummy ache in the middle of the night but not horrible.  

The next morning..aaaackckckc I was not feeling so good.  I went back and forth all day whether I had a hangover or..jus twas feeling a little crappy.  This continued.  I had my morning coffee.  a few piecesso cheese for lunch.  I wasn't really  hungry but had one of those perhaps I need some food feelings when ill.  I had an afternoon coffee and directly afterwards..had the biggest stomach ache on the planet.  I walked, I paced.  I even tried to go into the bathroom and well..see if something was stuck.  it wasn't.  This tummy thing coupled with shoulder pain went on for about an hour.  At one point I contemplated going to the ER..I had flashes of OH crap maybe this is what a heart attack feels like.  I had a customer in the middle of it and pretended that I was OK..with difficulty.  Finally we closed and I came upstairs to lay down and then paced some more because laying down didn't help..finally I started to burp..and burp...and burp..and burp...and burp.  I must have build up a nuclear bomb of air in my system.  

I am blaming the OJ and rumple minz from the night before.  Goodness knows if that is the case.  I was fine after the burp-fest and have been fine today.  Very odd experience..oddest ever in fact.  



Lynda said...

So glad that Grace is OK!

Sam said...

Glad to hear Grace is okay, and that whatever was affecting you seems to have cleared up quickly :p I have had wind pain like that, and it is never fun, although mind usually went all the way through and didn't come out with burps :o)