Thursday, November 29, 2012


1.  Grace had a little accident while horseback riding on Monday.  The horse started running.  Grace tends to hunker down when that happens.  That is not what one is supposed to do (and she freely admits that).  The horse took that as a message to go faster.  He took a corner and she came off.  The horse was between me and her body so I did not see exactly what happened but there was a horse turn, a kid sliding off the back and an almighty thunk.  The horse moved and my child was laying on the ground.  I at first thought she was passed out but the instructor got over to her quickly and she was awake but had the wind knocked out of her.  She moved (yup..pretty relieved from my position).  She got up and said that the noise was the horses stirrup (with her foot involved). I would like to totally believe her here but a tiny bit of my worries that she might be stretching the truth because she does not want to lose horseback riding.

She got back on the horse and rode for most of the rest of the lesson.  She walked to the car.  Came up stairs (would not eat dinner).  Tuesday-she stayed upstairs and crawled between our two rooms, a TV and the bathroom.  She said she was sore Tuesday night (neck and ankle). Her ankle and foot were very swollen.  I called an orthopedic doctor to make an appointment.  The swelling is down but her foot still doesn't look good.  She has an appointment for tomorrow.

She knows that if it is broken she is off horses for 6-8 weeks.  She knows that if it is sprained badly she might be off for longer.  She is not very happy.  Part of me is relieved with the idea because she is at a place in her riding that gets more and more risky (learning to jump in competitions).  The other part is sad because I know she loves to ride and is rather good at it most of the time.

2.  Scale?  I am hoping that it stays but I have not had a chance to get on it in a few days.  I am a hungrier girl again (hormones..i love them and hate them at the same time).  I have seriously got to get off my arse and figure out some exercise..any exercise. Right now I am getting a fair bit of exercise running up and down three flights of stairs to check on Grace and then run back down to the shop.

3.  I made and felted a crocheted snowman today.  His body parts are stuffed but still in body parts..kind of fitting I think for the last few crazy days..head and body are connected.  Arms and legs are not :) bahahaha.



Dawnya said...

I'm glad that Grace is okay. I really hope she heals up fast. She seems to get so much joy out of riding.

The scale is evil. But because I know you...I know you will beat it.

It sounds like the shop is doing really well. That's great news.

Have a great holiday season!!!

Colleen said...

oh what a horrible feeling it must be to see your child fall like that. Hopefully she is better soon. I would live to see the snowman, in pieces or as a whole and see how the felting turned out.

Lonicera said...

Horrible for her, poor Grace. It happened to me when I was ten, and being winded was an experience I never forgot. I had light concussion for a couple of days, but never saw a doctor (I was on a farm in the middle of nowhere, staying with relations). I think stirrups of a certain design (traditional) are dangerous. Hope she's back on the gee gee soon.