Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Fill Works-The Scale not so much

I have now had this fill for a week. It is definitely working.  My hunger is gone.  I am back to my old days of a really small meals and it leaves my stomach very slowly (at times almost too slowly really).  A couple of days I even went all day without a meal (just wasn't hungry).

Now to the $@%$#@# scale.  Thankfully today the darn thing had dead batteries because I am about ready to chuck the thing out.  I have not lost a single pound.  Not even a partial pound.  I used to have such a healthy relationship with my scale (ok sort of healthy anyway).  Now the thing has become the bane of my existence.

The up side:  Small meals, no hunger, No evening munchy breakdowns where I dive into ice cream or some other equally hideously bad for me foods.  In fact any eating after 6pm or so causes me to have some pretty horrible night-time acid reflux.  When I do not attend to this I pay the price.

I made the mistake twice-I will not do so again.

I am by no means giving up but...disappointed at this point.



Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

hang in there...wait it out, stay the course and you will win.

Sandy said...

I could never imagine you giving up. Keep up the fight. It is worth it.

Justine said...

Fight the good fight. Perhaps when the new batteries go in the scale you'll have a very pleasant surprise.