Saturday, November 17, 2012

Slow but Moving

Apparently November is the yarn month of the year.  The shop has definitely been busy.  As usual much of my time has been spend over in that internet world instead of this one.  On the diet/weight front things are looking up (or down rather).

My clothes-fitting better.
My scale-batteries fixed weight down to 178.0 from on a bad day 182 so 4 pounds.  I am not going to complain.

My hair is shedding again.  I am assuming this just happens to be how I lose weight...My hair is really thick and made of lead.  No not really but apparently when I cut the calories back enough to actually lose weight my hair seems to exit with it.

I can eat plenty but I do not desire much of anything.  Really little bits of food here.  I don't really want lunch and sometimes skip it.  If I do eat it it is very small like a couple slices of cheese or yogurt.

I usually eat dinner (and a reasonable amount for a bandy like myself).  On days when I work and do not get a chance to get up stairs for dinner I do not crave a big old ice cream face plant.  I do want food sometimes but if I eat that food I risk acid reflux from hell so I just make a smoothy and call it good.

My lesson from this:  if you are going to do something about your weight do it well before menopause because it SCREWS with your metabolism BIG TIME.

Now to be honest I have not done a whole lot about exercise.  David and I are doing some plotting because we know it needs to be fixed.  Grace also has asked that we work out some plan as her horse back riding teacher said that if she picked up another fitness activity it would help with her posture and stuff on the horse.  Anyone who says anything will help Grace with her horseback riding (seriously if they said jump off a bridge because it would help)  She would do it.  Our tentative plan is to move our treadmill (collecting dust in the storage garage) and stationary bike (bike is in the front gear to make it stationary is probably also in storage).  Now the plan was made last week and nothing is yet put into the back room/garage.

Other stuff:  I got offers to teach a couple of classes in Jan. at my old Community college job.  I took it (This girl cannot pass up steady income).  I have had three new students sign up for math tutoring up until January.  I am still working the store all of the time but will probably hire someone to pick up a day or at least a few hours each week.

so...slow but moving is good enough.

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