Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sometimes a Little Cold is Welcome.

This week has been the best of times and the worst..but all in all I will take it.

1.  Busy busy week at the store! up side-money and lots of yarn going out the door hooray-down side is I am soo tired.
2.  I caught the cold that is running around town. Lots of snot, off and on slight fever etc. -up side I am not hungry!!  The 3 pound loss is holding steady and I have to force down dinner.  I just don't want to eat.  Everything sounds blecky.
3. The fill is working great and many of those bad habits I had developed over the least year are fading again.  I am sticking to the no food after 6ish-7ish.  If I am hungry later I make a protein smoothy.  Down side...nope even with less food in a sitting I am not feeling a down side to this one.
4.  Menopause bites.  No period for 2-3 months (cause I cannot remember exactly) but this week..lets just say the one from hell with no warning. Eeek.  This, the cold and the busy work day adds up to Tired with a capital T.
5.  Dinnerland's post of frustration was a real eye opener to me.  I love it when someone vents and it is exactly what you need to hear at the time.  We all get frustrated at times and ready to throw in the towel.  Downside-I really had/have to do something about it.

What I love most about hanging with all of you bloggy peoples is that very often one does not realize the things one needs to do, pay attention, change or even think about until you see someone else talking about it, complaining about it or even succeeding from it.  I do not know if she realized it but she wrote down some of the same feelings I have had at times in this journey.  Sure there are the polly Anna people among us bloggers but I think each and every one of us have good hours, days, weeks and months and we have bad, frustrating or just downright hopeless times when we worry that this is it.  The difficult part but great part is that in watching/reading about someone else go through it is that suddenly you know what you need to do.  It is all easy to respond with sage advice and say this is what you need to do but when you realize that if you know what they need to do you had better apply it in your own back yard :)

Well Dinnerland...your post helped me finally see the 2x4 in my own eye (if you know that biblical verse about judging others).

This evening I am:  going to eat a nice but very small high protein (steak sounds nice) dinner.  I am going to Costco to pick up a cedar garland for my front porch (yes I will show you pics when it is decorated).  I am going to knit up a lovely sparkly cowl for my bunco group Christmas party next month.



adorkbl said...

I love blogland. It really helps to have others to chare our journey with... bad and good. :)

adorkbl said...

Ack. SHARE. I know how to spell. lol

Chris said...

Blogland has kept me sane and on track this year for sure!