Friday, December 7, 2012


Last night Grace and I had a conversation about what would go down next. We had this conversation with no real expectations that something ACTUALLY WOULD!!!

Day 1.  power cut, rebooted house stuff.
Day 2. Shop wired internet goes down-taking the printer, the credit card reader with it.  I compensated with my laptop (a wireless connection).  And a portable credit card reader with my cell phone.
Day 3.  Telephone goes down-I move it from plug to plug and changed batteries.  I finally got the line to work on an old school rotary but only upstairs in my kitchen.
Day 4. While continuing to diagnose the telephone issues the breaker flips and all the shop lights go out.  I fix the breaker but in the process lost power to the exterior wall of my shop and all outside lights on my house.  Telephone problem isn't solved either.

David returns home tonight.  My joke with a friend is:  I don't know whether to meet him at the door in lingerie or with a tool-belt.  She voted on both!

On a good note a had a rep bring in some gorgeous yarn today.  I am so in love with it I want to marry it :)  So soft, so sparkly and so rich!


Dinnerland said...

The pix are beautiful!!
I feel your tech pain.

Lonicera said...

I think I'd just curl up like your skeins of wool and sleep till David came home and sorted everything out!
That wool is a photographer's dream. I'd spend happy hours arranging it to photograph it, trying this way and that... even if I only had one pleasing image at the end of it!