Thursday, December 20, 2012

All is good here-As usual I am doing too much but after four years or more of this I have to come to terms with the fact that it is the way I roll.

The shop is busy and doing a brisk business.  The paperwork drives me nutty but I am being a good girl and trying to stay on top of it.  The webpage needs major work. I am slowly..ok Dragging my feet..on that one.

I had a gift come in the mail from Justine She carried my beloved and sorely missed UK magazines to Florida and then sent them all of the way up here to Oregon!  I am slowly working my way through them.  I even picked up a little quality street chocolates at our local import house and can read my mags and eat my UK chocolate at the same time!! :) I'm in heaven just now.

Weight is holding at 176.  I am cool with that.  My clothes are fitting so much better with just these four pounds.  My dresses..lovely dresses are still too small (I can get them on but there is some mighty nasty belly sticking out of them at this weight).  

The great clean-out continues.  David has taken the next couple of weeks off from work and we (ok mostly he) is using this time to clear out one of our two storage units.  It is funny really  There are some themes to my life that really need addressing in the new year...hmm..I smell resolution in the air.

1.  busy..How do I make the most of my time, enjoy what I do in the moment and remember meetings!!!

2.  Get rid of my crap!!!  We have too much and it does no one good filling up space unused.

3.  Move..I need to do some of it.

That is it for now.  What you thinking about for your resolutions?  How is your life going?  Do you have habits/struggles that seem to rear their ugly head over and over?

My next post will be about how things are different than they were almost 5 years ago.  David and I had a conversation about the contrast just this evening but I need to think on it some more.

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