Thursday, December 6, 2012

Techno Moan

Whenever David goes on a business trip our technology goes down.  I am sure I have written about this before.  This round seems to have come in with a bang and at the most inopportune time possible.

David flew out early yesterday.  At 12:30 am I was watching TV and crochet-ing Callum's snowman II (picture is attached).  With a quick pop our power cut out then came back on after a few minutes.  It popped off and on again a few minutes later.  The TV came back on but our Netflix box was down and could not log on again.  We had internet soon after the cut but I had no home email server.  My computer worked earlier in the day and the credit card slider seemed to be working OK ( I was closed so I didnt try to use it but it sat there with out complaining).

I went down and restarted the house server and Grace rebooted the TV so by afternoon we had everything back online.  This afternoon round two of the tech apocalypse began. I had several patterns to make copies of for a craft show I am participating in tomorrow. The printer shut down and did not seem fixable. I had a night knitting class and had two try and buy some yarn for their projects.  The computer would not come on. Then I found that the credit card reader could not 'connect to the host'.  My Store has crashed!!  I could probably cope OK with all of this tomorrow but I have a friend manning the store for me while I do the craft fair.  She can work without a computer but the credit card reader..not so much.

I woke David up on the east coast with a text and we figured out that something is up with the internet connection downstairs.  The machine works upstairs.   When I took it back downstair sand plugged it directly into the worked for a few minutes but then started spazzing out like trying to hook up online over and over and then spitting out tape with error messages.

arghghg..I am too busy for this stuff.  one more day until he comes home.  I hope I keep my sanity.



Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I hope the technology issues get cleared up soon. Love the snow man!!!

Lonicera said...

That snowman and his dear little hat - it's absolutely gorgeous.
I hyperventilate when I have to pull plugs out of the back of this and plug them into that and reboot and.... so I thoroughly sympathise. Yesterday I bought John a Kindle Fire for Xmas, and it took me 3 hours to set it up properly and download a few card games while I cursed and cursed and turned the air blue. Why tell you to 'enter your WiFi password' when what it means is 'look at the back of the home hub box and put in the code number given there'? A bit of user friendliness wouldn't go amiss. But that's nothing compared to your complications - hope you've sorted it.