Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We are spending ours having a quiet day at home.  it is my first one ever and it is actually quite nice.  We spend so much of the year running over hill and dale it is pleasant to sit in the living room.

Right now we are next to the fire, cat snoozing by my side and listening to Grace with BBC Radio one (Dan and Phils Radio show) on Graces computer sitting near by.  Grace is enjoying her presents-she is particularly fond of the simplest of gifts-a box of hot tamales, a bottle of mane and tail shampoo and wearing pajamas in the afternoon.  She said "it smells like summer horse shows, rainbows and unicorns..I am going to sniff it all day"

I am doing absolutely nothing today.  I keep thinking I should go knit something but I am debating even skipping that as it is sort of my job now.  I might just waste away the day with TV, computer surfing and magazine reading.  I spend a little while surfing my pinterest boards and did come up with an idea for this blog.  I have a page called word..it is where I pin sayings I am particularly fond of, books I want to read or images I like.  I think these say a lot about my personality.  I am linking it here for you all to go surf.  link a webpage page or pin board that you feel says a lot about you and I will return the favor.


Happy Christmas one and all:


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